Motor Hidea 8 HP

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Model HD8F Max.Output(kw) 5.9 Full Throttle Operating Range(rpm) 4500-5500 Stroke 2 Cylinder 2 Displacement(cc) 169 Bore*Stroke(mm) 50*43 Length×Width×Height short shaft (mm) S:793×320×996 L:793×320×1123 Length×Width×Height short shaft (inch) S:27.6*11.8*39.8 L:27.6*11.8*44.8 Weight (kg) S:26 L:27 Weight (lb) S:57 L:60 Gear Shift Position F-N-R Lgnition System CDI Cooling System Water-cooling Starting System Manual Control System Tiller control Lubrcation System Gasoline & Machine Oil Regular Gasoline 50:1 Capacity of Fuel Tank(L) 12


An extremely versatile engine that suits a range of applications. The HD8F is light enough to be a great portable engine but also has enough power to push you along at a pleasant cruising speed.

Great fuel economy as well as reliability that is second to none makes this engine a top seller.

◇ Light weight and easy to transport.

◇ Standard alternator/ lighting coil allows you to run a spotlight.

◇ Great for car toppers, small fishing rigs, inflatables and tenders

◇ CDI ignition provides automatic spark advance to provide maximum power throughout the whole RPM range

◇ Comes standard with shallow water drive, an extremely useful feature when tackling rivers, estuaries and creeks.

◇ Truly six layers of paint, good corrosion resistance.

◇ Using the US brand PPG paint, more beautiful exterior.


Available in:

◇ HD8FHS - Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height – Short shaft

◇ HD8FHL - Manual Start, Tiller Handle, Transom height – Long shaft


General Features:

◇ Pre mix 50:1

◇ 21 L Fuel tank & hose

◇ Shallow water drive

◇ Lighting coil

◇ Themostart cooling

◇ Shift handle


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